Sunday 6 July 2014

The New Quilted Blanket

Hello! Sorry for my late post, I was enjoying myself with my friend *^^*

Today's new item is the Quilted Blanket, sold in The Hot Cocoa Hut's Shiveer Shoppe.


Hehe, sorry about that. This is a good alternative to the old blanket which is also sold in the Shiveer Shoppe.
AJHQ! What is with all the items with patches?!
  1. Patched Rug
  2. Patched Hat
  3. Patched Chair
  4. Patched Sofa
  5. Quilted Blanket (which is covered in patches)

It is a patch apocalypse! RUN FOR THE HILLS!

Happy Jamming!

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  1. A patched collection, maybe? Like you have a patched collection of patched furniture. Sit on the patched furniture and then use some patched clothing? I must admit, though, I like the quilted blanket.

    1. Sooo many patches!!!!!! I also like the quilted blanket

  2. The first time I saw that Quilted Blanket, I was surprised it was non-member :-D! And, I loved it :3. Though, I am not able to go to Mt. Shiveer, because of my internet =_=.

    Anyway, I think you should do what Rainbow said :-D! That'd be a great theme, won't it xD? The Patched Family of Items... what :p?

    Oh yeah, Arctic, I'm here in the hills now! I ran :3. Except that... there are floating patched items above meh Dx!

    *෴* biamorawesome❤~


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