Thursday 3 July 2014

Freedom Knight Helmet, Jammer Snaps, and My First Giveaway!

Hello Jammers! Today we have a new item: the freedom knight helmet, sold at the freedom party. Speaking of which, I need to get to the Freedom Party to buy a freedom fox hat *^^*

I would like to see some new freedom items that aren’t simply recolors, but that might be too picky.

Next up, we have the winners of the Jammer Snaps Contest!

Oh my, this might just be the most creative and diverse one I have ever seen! All the cutting and pasting of animals must have taken such a long time on some of those. Big shoutout to the winners- that must have taken a lot of effort!

Finally- I have big news! I recently added a new tab- Contests! I am holding my first every giveaway on this blog (or on any blog for that matter).  It is giving away a diamond shop item- the wolf claw!
For more details click the contests tab.

Happy Jamming!


  1. I like the giveaway idea. I'll be entering! :>

    Anyway, cool blog. It has a nice warm background.


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