Friday 4 July 2014

AJHQ+A Bunnies and A Surprise

Hello Jammers! I have big news, but I will save that for the end of my pots ^.^

Today we have a new video from Dr. Brady Barr, who is answering a question about bunnies from Sparkle Cutestar. Congratulations Sparkle! You will be receiving a video plaque from AJHQ.  Click here to read the article.

Also, happy freedom day, or fourth of july for americans! I am not from america, so I am not celebrating today, but to anyone who is partaking in this- have fun with all the festivities!

Today's new item is the patched chair, matching the patched rug, which are both sold in Outback Imports!

And finally the moment which we have been waiting for- I have big news. Last night, I created a Youtube Channel! It’s called: The Original Arcticstar8404, and my first video is regarding the giveaway! Click here to visit my channel and here to go to the contest page. I will probably never talk in any of my videos (which I probably won’t make many of) for two reasons. I am quite shy, and I don’t feel like I should talk in front of “the world”, and I don’t like the sound of my voice on any sort of recordings XD

If you happen to have any friends on AJ who would also like a diamond shop wolf claw, please tell them about the giveaway ^.^

Happy Jamming!


  1. Le new layout :-D! Uh-no, I am easily slipping away from Animal Jam D-,: but, I can't leave my friends!

  2. NOOO BIAMORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STAY STRONG XD

    anyway, I've been shy with my voice, too, but I do it anyway, lol. :)
    It is MUCH easier than typing everything, let me tell you that!
    I'm not forcing you though, lol, you can do whatever XD


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