Scammer Watch

Igh. Scammers. I despise them. They run around stealing peoples stuff, which is just plain mean. This can be stopped though, if we raise awareness for it! That is why I have the Scammer Watch page. Please note that all of the pictures below are of me acting and not of a real scammer ^.^

I will be updating it , so keep your eyes peeled. Also, if you have anything about scamming please tell me. Note that comments like “I got scammed!! Send me stuff!” will be removed. You could be telling the truth, but for all we know, that could just be another scam.

Scam #001: Send Me

This scam is anyone who advertises for people to send them items, whether it's saying: Send me stuff, I'm poor, Send me stuff to look funny, Send me cool stuff, or Best Send gets my outfit. All of these are scams and they must be dealt with. Rule number one: do not send them anything! It's nothing but a scam, and chances are, they're gonna run away with your stuff.

Scam #002: Decline

This scam is terrible (as with all scams) as scammers misuse the trade system to steal Jammers items. These are examples of the decline trade: Best decline wins my outfit, Trade me I never accept, and Best decline gets a cool code. Sigh. It's especially pathetic when a scammer is advertising, and quickly adds: NOT A SCAM after their clear and obvious example of a scam. So sad what scammers do these days. By all means do not listen to them!!

Scam #003: I got Scammed Scam

This is one of those scams that are extremely iffy. Many of them could be truthful, or could just be dirty old scams. People who do this would often do things to get sympathy and get more items. Now some could be true, others could just be another scam. Often times, the person would go to a public place and 'advertise' "I just got scammed! I lost everything! Send me stuff! I got scammed!!!" It is fine to show compassion to Jammers, but when a scammer does this and they are not really scammed, it is really just wrong. How could anyone take advantage of other Jammer's kindness just to go looting?! 

Criminal List:

  • Fman122
  • havenkat11
  • arcticwolf20046
  • ajisawesome1423


  1. You don't really have a lot of stuff on scamming, don't you?

    One technique a Scammer uses is the "trade me I decline" trick. Another is the "send me rare I send you back" trick.

    This is one extreme scam. My friend was over at coolstar1313's den. When she returned to me, she immediately said she lost everything.
    She got logged out while at coolstar1313's den. When she logged in, her items were all gone. What a scam...

    Another trick a Scammer uses is the "trade me all your good stuff, I decline. Best declined trade gets my outfit."
    If you notice, it says 'best decline trade gets my outfit'.
    So saying, if it was a good trade and the Jammer accepted it, he didn't decline it. He'd/She'd probably just run away.

    I read in a post that someone got scammed by a Jammer in the Jammer's den. The Jammer clicked on a pink pillow continuously and they got scammed.

    Scammers are really scary now-a-days. Hope they decline in number...

    1. Oh, I guess that extreme scam was actually a hack.

    2. actually, some scams are iffy. Like
      "send me i send back better"
      sometimes they actually send back stuff..

      hee, hee. I send them a pillow XD

  2. Poofsies! I caught a scammer, whom scammed me already! His name is: darksonic13. He scammed one of my hard-worked Bow and Arrow, before when I was younger than my age now!

    It actually broke my heart. I'll tell 'ya some more scammers when I catch 'em.

    ~❤biamorawesome❤~ "Be a Jammer, not a scammer!"

    1. aw, that's sad. Biamora, I would be happy to give you one of mine if you want :D

      scammies are mean!
      You know what is annoying:
      Gifting parties!
      They just stand around begging for stuff

  3. Thankyou for your contribution everyone! I will be updating soon ^.^

  4. New scammer, Arcticstar! Her username is: havenkat11. As if she's a "Heaven cat", after all >:|!

    Anyway, I saw her using the "flash trade (any seconds you want)", and the "I decline everything" scam!


    1. Thankyou ever so much, it seems that today I am finally getting around to all the updates I need to do ^.^

  5. Another scammer is articwolf20046 he scammed my sewing machine he is so rare I think he has scammed for the rare items that he has.

    1. what is a sewing machine 0.0
      XD i never heard of it on AJ!


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