Sunday 24 August 2014


Probably nobody will read this post, but that's okay. 

It is time I move on to bigger and better things. I have gotten a "job" on the  Animal Jam Community Blog- you can still read my posts there. I will no longer be able to write posts on this blog anymore. No, I am not quitting Animal Jam, I am simply changing blogs *^^*

Before I end this final post, I have a few thankyou's to make. These thankyou's will most likely never be recieved, which is a sad thought, but it's fine, really.

Thankyou to Biamorawesome (whom of which I miss very much as she never seems to be online anymore) for supporting me in blogging.

Thankyou to rainbow000pegasus for commenting on my posts almost every day

And thank YOU all for checking out this rather lost-cause of a blog. I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted- I know I did.

That was a very depressing post... Well then, now for the bright stuff!

I thank all of you once again. Maybe someday I can look back on this blog and enjoy any happy memories that might be there. Let my last words to you be rather inspiring:

"Sometimes in the winds of change we find our true direction" -Unknown

For one last time, Happy Jamming

I will miss you all.

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    Thank you for the sweet shout-out, Arctic. I'll see you at your new "job".


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