Saturday 5 July 2014

Patched Sofa, AJ Soccer, and Possible Journey Book Guide

Hello Jammers! Today's new item is sold in Outback Imports- The Patched Soda! Whoops, patched soda wouldn't be that good would it? The new item is the patched sofa. Now that's better.

Today on the Daily Explorer we have a post from Graham, talking about the AJ soccer colouring pages! Have you coloured any in? I have *^^*

I am also thinking of making a journey book guide on my blog! What do you think?

Happy Jamming!


  1. Hi!

    It's been a while, don't you think?
    Love that new banner, Arctic!

    Mind visiting my blog?

    1. Well it HAS been a while hasn't it? Thanks *^^* I want to make all my banners from now on! And I'll surely check out your blog! Have you entered the giveaway contest?

  2. Hello! I will try to join your giveaway :)
    A journey book guide would be just dandy! *cringes at choice of words*
    I myself am making some!

    anyway.. AHAH! That sofa looks like our old couch (now gone) except instead of patches, black ducktape! HAHA I might buy it only for that reason XD
    Anyway, I'll be sure to keep visiting your blog!
    Colored any? will soon! :D

    Visit mine, too?

    1. Thanks *^^* I will check out your blog soon!

  3. Hear ye hear ye! (Sorry always wanted to do that) my post will probably end up being posted way later than usual, as I am visiting a friend *^^* happy jamming everyone!

    1. Err ahem. The post TOMORROW will be later than usual. Sorry about that :D


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