Wednesday 2 July 2014

Lightning Necklace and Clothing Item Contest

Hey Jammers! Today in the land of Jamaa we have a new and fun item in the summer carnival- the lightning necklace! I remember people loved this and lots of people wanted one after the carnival left. I hope the stegosaurus inspired items are next to return as I am planning to make a dragon out of my eagle *^^*  What is your favourite part of the summer carnival?

Have you heard of the pawsome new clothing item contest? AJHQ has decided to make another "make your own item" contest and let YOU decide what a new piece of clothing could be. It can be a neckpiece, headpiece, back item, tail item, or footwear. The choice is yours. Unfortunately, the contest is now closed and they are to pick an winner! I also entered! I call it: The Mira Helmet XD Do you like it?

 I only have one problem- whenever you win a contest whether it's a video made by Dr. Thys or Dr. Barr, News Crew, Jammer Snaps, or an item contest- it always ends up being credited to the animal you posted it as. I unfortunately posted it as my deer: Fauna Fastgem. Both the other Jammer created items were named by the Jammer's last name. Cleverclaw's dresser was made by Miss Cleverclaw. Which ends me up with Fastgem's hat XD. There were tons of other people I knew who entered who had much better entries than mine- so I am assuming they have a much better chance of winning than I do XD

Did you guys enter?

With that, I end my post *^^*

Happy Jamming!


  1. Cute blog! Maybe visit mine? (

    1. Thanks! I'll be sure to check yours out soon ^O^

  2. Wow, i love the new design! :)

  3. Oh My Zios!!!

    I entered a MIRA NECKLACE!

    I guess we have the same love for Jamaa Mythology/Legend/History?


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