Thursday 10 July 2014

So Many Updates!

Hi! I must say, I am quite excited about the update- but will try to contain myself (to some extent) Lets do this as calmly as possible shall we?

YAAAAAAY RHINOS ARE BA- oh yes- calmly okay. Rhinos are back Jammers isn't this great?! So long I have waited! I wonder what kind of travels the Rhinos had. ^.^ Click here to watch a fun little video on Rhinos!

Eternal The Hero : my new rhino

It seems that the returning Rhinos aren’t as popular as I expected. I have only seen two in Jamaa Township, when I was expecting everyone to be rhinos. I suppose it’s somewhat like the Elephant’s return- they really weren’t that popular. Though it seems, that Giraffes had better luck earning Jamaa’s love.

Continuing, we have a new underwater mission called: In too deep


It looks like there is a whale in this!

I will try to do a separate post on the mission on my free time :D

Next we have Christmas in July with the return of my favourite party- Jamaaliday Jam! I suppose you can tell why the gingerbread house is one of my favourite dens.

Have a great day Jammers!

* have you noticed something different about this post? Tell me in the comments and I will tell you tomorrow! HINT! There are three things

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  1. I'll guess...

    No Jamaa Journal
    You didn't show new items
    And... uhhh
    Your signature is now green?

    My guess which I guessed


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