Saturday 31 May 2014

Woven Hat and Scammer Watch

Hey Jammers! We have a lovely new item entering Jam Mart Clothing today. This new item is none other than the woven hat!

Cute as a button every single one of them! Makes me think back to when I was really little. I always used to wear little woven sun hats like these..... Sorry nostalgia moment there. Stay with me because I have an important thing to talk about today!

I have decided to add a new tab at the top of the blog. This tab is called scammer watch. There, I will post examples of scams (I will be acting them out) so that you know what happens and what to look out for. Also, if you have any new types of scam you discovered that someone was using, tell me immediately in the comments on the Scammer Watch page! If I come across a scammer, and they’re terrible, I might just add them on to the Criminal List on the page!

To end off on a happy note, I am almost at 1000 pageviews! When I reach 1000 I am going to leave my den unlocked all day! If you’re lucky you might just catch me in there ^.^ By the way Jammers, my username is not Arcticstar but Arcticstar8404!

Happy Jamming!

1 comment:

  1. Oh no! I haven't commented here for ages - I'm sorry. I just finished my first recital ;-D!

    Anyway, that Woven Hat is also pretty cute - how do they look like when you wear them on penguins :-)?

    Yes! That Criminal List and Scammer Watch tabs are perfect! I'll tell you some scammers and criminals on the comments of the tabs!

    1,000 views! Please, please, PLEASE strike! We are waiting...! I can't wait for the blog to strike 1,000 views :-D!



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