Tuesday 20 May 2014

Signatures (made by me)

Hello Jammers! I have decided to take up a new hobby! Making pictures!

You have probably noticed by now my personal signatures at the bottom of each post! I would like to do more of them for more people! All are done by me, first using a background image. Just send me a background for you and some requests (guidelines) and I'll try to get a personalized signature to you ASAP! Just make sure that at some point you give me credit! Tell me first in the comments if you would like one.

Some Examples:

Also, if your own animal as your picture, use the photo booth minigame in AJ and send me the picture for me to make it into a signature!

Note: I prefer not to give my own email out to public, thus you can contact me at my second email: sweetmelody246@gmail.com 

Remember to tell me in the comments first before you request one, because I usually do not check my Sweet Melody profile!

Happy Jamming!  

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