Monday 19 May 2014

Leaving Items and Snow Leopard Glitch

It looks like I didn’t mention all the leaving items in yesterday’s post, so let me tackle it again!

Here is the UPDATED version of all the leaving items this month!

  • Emu Egg
  • Star Couch
  • Magma Lamp
  • Swords and Shield
  • Star Rug
  • Backpack
  • Blanket
  • Zios Mask

Wow thats a lot of items leaving- hopefully some new ones will come soon. To leave you on a cheery note, matching with last week, here is today’s rare!

Nice! If they release matching bracelets and tail armour, we’ll have a complete set! I quite like this as its in my colour scheme ^.^ Wait a minute- hate to be overly critical, but why is last day and rare overlapping? We have had plenty of RIM’s in the past, and we all know they only stay for one day. No need to remind us AJHQ! They probably wanted to make sure that this cool new item was noticed :D

And now for the snow leopard glitch! It seems that underwater items have snow leopards all over them! How peculiar... You kitties do realize you can't even wear any of them right?

Anywho, I should end this post!

Have a Jamtastic day!


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