Sunday 18 May 2014

New Updates In the Month of May!!

There are so many cool new updates in AJ, now without further ado- let's dive in!!

1. The Forgotten Desert: NEW EAGLE MISSION!
This cool new mission is completely different from the other mission- stay tuned and I will post a short summary of the mission in the next few days ^.^  

This mission brings back betas, rares and brings in new items!!! How exciting!!

2. Den Portals: 

Wow- that's a first!!  This is so cool- helpful for going to your friends den quickly!!  

How cool is that? I'll explain these in further depth in a few days in my first ever Cool Item Spotlight post!

3. The two H's: Hyenas and Hummingbirds!!
Returning and coming- how exciting! Can't wait to see what hyenas look like! Looks like I'm gonna have to save up diamonds for hummingbirds... For now check out the cool video about hyenas in the news tab on AJ!

4. New Items and Clearance Items

There are items coming and leaving Jamaa- here are some of them:

Coming: Fairy Princess Hat, Tennis Rackets, Inline Skates, Ten Gallon Hat, Pet Cardboard Castle, Bowler Hats, and Shutter Shades!!

Leaving: Emu Eggs, Star Couch, Magma Lamp, Swords and Shield, Star Rug, and Backpack

5. Eagle: Mythical SpiritClaw

This is the least important, but I got an eagle ^.^ 

In case you're wondering: this is my style
  • Rare Aviator Helmet
  • Jamaaliday Scarf
  • Rare Freedom Glove
  • Rare Snowflake Cape

And with that, I will conclude my excessively long post!! Happy Jamming and see you in Jamaa!!


  1. I know right! This update is so amazing and epic! :)
    Also, cool blog. The background makes it seem so adventurous with the map and all. ^-^

    1. Thankyou for commenting cutepups! I reply every single comment on this blog that I can ^.^

    2. :3 On my blog ( I reply to everyone who comments on it when I can! Kewl.

    3. I'll check out your blog someday ^.^

  2. I agree, with Cutepups, it's a nice blog. ^.^
    I love the items the Eagle Adventure gives out! I got a Cami frog once.. :)
    my blog:

    1. Congrats on getting a cami’s frog! And thanks for looking at my blog ^.^ I really appreciate it

  3. YEY RARES me likey returning rares!


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