Friday 30 May 2014

New Items After Update

Hello Jammers! I have a lot to get through today, so let's get started!

1. New Vine Rug

This new item ties in quite well with the nature theme AJ has been putting on lately, so wild, so animal jam!

2. Hyenas

I understand I mentioned these cool new creatures on yesterday's post, but here we are again! Hyenas can be found in the diamond shop for ten diamonds!

3. Summer Carnival and Cruise Ship Party Returns!

Yes Jammers! The summer carnival has returned and can be reached simply by clicking one of the many signs advertising the carnival's return around Jamaa. The cruise ship party has also returned, and can be reached, as usual, by clicking the party menu. *Note, I have a tip for you! If you want a phantom cotton candy, play the cotton candy minigame, do black, then white, then black, and you will get your very own phantom on a stick, edible edition! 

4. Jam A Gram Changes

We unfortunately no longer have the lovable cartoon drawings of animals. They have been replaced with real photos of animals, and all have something that says _____________ as a ______________. Example: Soft as a seal, proud as an eagle, smiley as a croc, goofy as a hyena, etc. I'm sure gonna miss those old jam a grams.

5. Armor

Pheonix armor is leaving the diamond shop, and spirit armor is returning! This is good, but kind of sad at the same time. Pheonix armor is great, and it is leaving. I yelled in despair when I saw that spirit armor is returning! I traded my rare headdress for the spirit armor, and now its returning?! OUTRAGE!! Err, ahem. The good thing is, it seems that there might be a new tail piece coming! Just look at this wolf's tail! 

6. Den Portals

A while back I did a post on den portals. Today we have an update on these wonderful inventions, as they have spread to Jam Mart Furniture. So far, you can only get a limited selection of the portals. Secondly, there are new OCEAN den portals! How exciting! And last but definitely not least, there are new den portals for non members available in the diamond shop for one diamond! Save up your diamonds jammers!

7. Sales around Jamaa

The Shiveer Shoppe Big Winter Blowout has just ended, and the Bahari Bargains Blowout has begun! Everything is half price now so make sure to by some new clothes for your animal before they become pricey again!


No joke, no lie jammers! AJ jump has been reduced to 99 cents but only for this weekend! Have you been begging your parents to let you download it? Well now you have a better reason to, as it has been reduced in price! I know I have to download it sometime soon!

9.  New Camouflage Jacket

Today’s new item is the camouflage jacket sold in Jam Mart Clothing! I think these would go well with the camouflage boots that is already sold in Jam Mart Clothing. 

10. New Poll On The Blog

I have taken the liberty to add in yet another poll into the blog! Feel free to show how you feel by voting ^.^

Phew! That was quite a long post! With that, I leave you to play wild jammers!

See you in Jamaa!


  1. I had a longer post, according to me... XD

    Love how you neatly arranged them! Please visit my blog:

    1. Wow! That was quite a long post on your blog! Thanks rainbow ^.^

    2. Also by the way you have a great blog!

    3. Thanks! It's pretty messy since I was sort of in a rush. I even forgot to post the new buddy system!

      I should really put a post-it, listing what I should post...

      Please visit my blog:

  2. I miss those old jamagrams too. ;u;
    Someone must have a simile (you know, those __ as a __ type of comparisons) obsession.

    1. Tell me about it. What if they put one person in charge of Jam a grams and they completely changed it to similes because they were obsessed with the parts of speech O.o

  3. So close to 1000! Be sure to keep your eyes open! When I hit 1000 I'm gonna do a celebration post and leave my den unlocked all day!

  4. Aww, I love that Vine Rug! I just really, really would like to buy them. They looks so nature-ish. :p

    Geez, I'm not happy about hyenas right now. First: non-members hadn't got ANY animals for ages!
    Second: 'cause it's ONCE AGAIN in The Diamond Shop.

    But, we must respect that Animal Jam HQ needed the money for these items, right now - at least they gave NMs some Wooden Den Portals - in The Diamond Shop, AGAIN >:|.

    What I'm happy about, is that The Summer Carnival is back! Just to let y'all know, I bought some tickets for just some gems! And won them, too! I'm not lazy... okay 3:.

    And I really miss The Cruise Ship Party! Oh, how I love to do some glitches there... umm, never mind! (jkjk)

    Gah, The Spirit Armor is coming back... and The Beautiful, Phoenix Armor is leaving Dx... oh... :L

    Woohoo! 1,000 VIEWS, 1,000 VIEWS, 1,000 VIEWS! 287,954 VIEWS :p!


    1. I agree. Woah there, don’t get ahead of yourself! I’m only at about 973 right now ^.^


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