Saturday 7 June 2014

Wolf Craze and Leaving Items

Hello everyone! Do you remember what day it is today?? Yes it is saturday, but anything else??? Anywho, we have no new items in Jamaa today, only leaving items and a strange and sudden wolf craze by AJHQ. Hmmm, lets look into that.

Unfortunately I caught it too late as the submersible, shark submersible, and dolphin submersible are already gone! Luckily, I was able to see that the sea turtle submersible (my favourite one) is on last day (sadly) and the octopus one is on two days left! Buy one before its too late jammers!

Nexr we have our wolf obsession to discuss. It seems that out of nowhere AJHQ decided to do a little wolf stuff... Check it out for yourself in the medical centre today!

Finally, I have a question for you Jammers! What is your favourite ocean animal on animal jam and why? *BONUS* Can you guess mine? (hint I have two favourites)

What could it be? I’ll leave you to think about that. 

Happy Jamming!


  1. I almost lost all the animals!!!

    So, anyway, I think you simply love sea turtles and... seals?

    Better check the new update- in the Epic Wonders.

    Jam on!
    Please check my blog:

    1. Woah! What happened to my spelling? I blame the keyboard for being awkward to use...

      Animal Jam animals are simply lovable!

    2. How could I have missed that? I'll be updating soon thanks for the notice

  2. Well my favourite is dolphin, I love the way lionfish armor looks on it

  3. Why did I spell favorite like that XD I'm not British


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