Monday 9 June 2014

Rare Worn Blanket and Weekly AJ Picture!

Hello my fellow jammers! Today we have a new item that resembles the old one- the rare worn blanket! (in light blue) How nice! Blue is my favourite colour, so it goes quite nicely ^.^ I probably won’t be wearing it anytime soon though, as all my animals are meant to have real animal colours (don’t ask XD). Best part: NON MEMBERS (as with all the other worns...)

Also, we have the Wall Ivy which I missed on yesterday’s post (big thankyou to rainbow000pegasus for keeping me on top of things ^.^)

Moving on, today is weekly aj picture day!

I have a question for you Jammers! What is your favourite beta item and why? Mine is cami’s frog because of the meaningful story behind it.

Happy Jamming!


  1. I especially loved the BETA Mat- because it reminds me of who traded it to me and how important that Jammer is to me.

    I like the story behind Cami's Frog too! There's a blog about Cami online. "" I think.

    Can you help me with one thing? Is it me or the Daily Explorer just haven't updated recently?


    -You don't have to put my name up there... Thanks for the credits anyway!-

  2. I love the cami's frog because of the story too. Speaking of Cami, we were doing this thing people who have cancer, and some girls in my school shaved their heads and donated their hair to those who have cancer


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