Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Vine Lamp and Clown Hair

Hey Jammers! Today we have two new items in Jamaa, the clown hair and the vine lamp!

The vine lamp is sold in Jam Mart Furniture

I like the expanding nature theme, what about you?

Finally we have the new clown hair. 

How colorful!

We have no new items in Jamaa, so I will see you tomorrow with a new post ^.^

Happy Jamming


  1. I LOVE how the Vine Lamppost is so nature-ish! Along with the Buttercup Rug, Lily Rug, Daisy Rug and especially the Vine Rug! The Vine Lamppost and Vine Rug would make a good pair, isn't it?

    *Shivers* clowns... and their Clown Hair? Did Animal Jam HQ really pull out a clowns's hair? Wait, what?


    1. I'm using my younger brother's account, by the way :p!

    2. And now, this is my real original account! Yippee, I'm finally signed it :-D xD!



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