Monday, 2 June 2014

Rare Propeller and Weekly AJ Picture

Thank goodness! Today’s post will be on the shorter side Jammers!

Today is Rare Item Monday, and it is an ocean item! We have the rare propeller, available only today, only underwater, so get swimming!

I quite like this rare, and it’s not overly humany either, though I wouldn’t see myself wearing this. 

Today’s weekly AJ picture is here! Drumroll please!

I apologize that this is blurry, as this is from an old animal jam video. I have a question for you today Jammers! Where do you think Mira is? Is she gone? What do you think?

Finally, I have a glitch for you Jammers! On land, underwater items have snow leopards on them right? Well underwater, on land items have Arctic wolves on them! How peculiar... Thank you to whoever traded me that, because though I declined, I still got a cool glitch to show you guys!

Happy Jamming!


  1. I'm sure Mira isn't gone. I'm sure she's watching over Jamaa and leading other animals to Jamaa! She may still be seeking for her beloved, but otherwise, we know she's there everytime except for Halloween, when nasty phantoms have her removed. Or maybe Mira decided to have the phantoms have some fun in Jamaa under her watchful eyes so they won't cause too serious damage!

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  2. The Daily Explorer post about the RIM today, is quite understandable and extra-ordinary.

    Oh, how I love today's weekly picture! It's so 3D ;-D.

    Cool! So, underwater, when you see a land item, it'd be an arctic wolf - I hope the face isn't creepy...!


  3. XP I luv that cake post you posted previous to this, Arctic!

    O-O So are Arctic Wolf heads on land clothing items equivalent to Snow Leopard heads on underwater clothing items.? Umm.. ok then. Wait, it doesn't make sense! Wouldn't it make more sense if one of the heads is an underwater animal, so it would be evened out? o3o

    ~ <- aka my blog. ha ha.

  4. Oops, forgot to mention! >.<
    That pic looks like them Jammers having fun and perhaps having a dance party in a land I don't recognize. Kewl! :3

    ~ cutepups522

  5. That's a cool AJ picture.. how old is that video? O.o


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