Monday, 26 May 2014

Rare Item Monday and Weekly Picture!

Hey Jammers! We have a new, and wonderful item which appears to have been dipped in paint! Those darned phantoms, they never clean up after themselves. Sigh.

It appears we still have the double tag problem. Hopefully AJ notices it and fixes it soon!

Here is this week's AJ picture! I have a challenge for you today! What animal is this? (its one of mine) It appears to just be floating eyes and spots wearing a heart locket... How strange and rather tacky...

Tell me in the comments! 

Happy Jamming!


  1. Hi! Great blog! ^.^ I really like the template. And I think that animal is a Snow Leopard. c:

    1. Thanks! I feel that a map is fitting for a title with the word legend in it ^.^

  2. Hiya, Arcticstar! Geez, look at that moustache... ♡ (jkjk)!

    Anyway, I would be guessing that animal is a "crocodile" :p? I don't know! But that's my guess.


  3. Congrats upon the new format!
    That's plain weird. I posted a comment before. Ah, no worries. I still can post another.

    I think it's a snow leopard or a cheetah. After observing some more, it sure does have a lean body like those cats. Jam on!

  4. Is that animal a sitting eagle? XD

  5. The animal animal looks like a eagle to me...

  6. Thankyou all for commenting! I will post the answer tomorrow! ^.^


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