Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Long Time No "Sea"

Hey Jammers! My sincerest apologies for not posting sooner- the last time I posted was almost two weeks ago... I should really keep track of this stuff. Anywho here is the complete new sunken tiki statues collection sold in Sunken Treasures!

Greely (top left) Peck (top middle) Graham (top right)
Sir Gilbert (bottom left) Cosmo (bottom middle) Liza (bottom right)

Next New Update! Grass Furniture!

Might I tell you jammers- there is nothing quite like spending the summer months relaxing in furniture made from grass! All you have to do is water it, trim it, give it sunshine, and give it fertilizer from time to time, and it will work quite nicely in your home! I don't think this will work so well during winter though....

Moving on! Pet cheetahs are back! Looks like they'll be coming and going each week, so as of now, do not worry! There's no need to freak out and buy these little guys! Quite cute I must say... I just happened to get one for myself recently!

Happy Jamming!

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